Where We Met/Warp and Weft

In Autumn 2016, I participated in Artist Inc KC, a business bootcamp essentially for artists of all mediums.

It was a ballsy move for me to apply, really.  I had taken about a decade off after the birth of my beautiful twin daughters.  The autumn before the program was the first time that I had performed out since I was pregnant.  That performance on that night at Uptown Arts Bar was transformative.

Somehow, despite fierce competition to be included in Artist Inc., I was selected.  The fact that I was regarded by the committee as a good candidate was validating and empowering.

We met weekly and discussed big picture items like marketing, budgeting/finance and goals in a large group, about 30 creatives and then break down into our small groups.  It was pretty easy to see from the very beginning that there was a little bit of magic in my small group.

Justin BorderMeghan Cochrane RowswellJillian Youngbird.

We were all very different but there was an easy connective energy between us.  Over the weeks our friendship grew.  We discussed the possibility of working on a collaboration.

We met on our own time to review each other’s final presentations.  It was there that our project, Weaving the River, began to take shape.

Tonight, on the eve of it’s premiere at the Quindaro Symposium, I am overwhelmed and nervous.  So much heart and love has been poured into the landscapes, the woven river and the soundscape (that I have decided is really more of a collage auditif).  We have a deep love for each other and for the community that we support with this project.  We are honored to be welcomed into the community and trusted with this epic history.

Limited space is still available.  Register in person.  Details available here.


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