Monday, August 21, 2017


I’m struggling.  I’ve been struggling.  I continue to struggle.

So many massive feelings are still percolating from the eclipse.

I’m a cosmic girl.  Always have been.  The stars have always called to me.  As a child I wondered why the moon was following me.

A few years back, a whip smart philosophical friend and I delved deeply into conversation about Hermeticism.  Conceptually I had already embraced the theory.  And, in college days’ daze, I had read up on the subject… however, in these conversations with my friend, the long germinating seeds took firm root.  Patterns on patterns on patterns. As above, so below.  The celestial patterns in the greater universe play out on this earth in nature, in inter-human dynamics and in the microcosm of self.

And so, back to the the eclipse.  It moved me deeply, like to involuntary tears deeply.

Partially because of it’s remarkable beauty.  Partially because of scientific and mathematical awe at the accuracy of brilliant minds who can calculate the event within microseconds.  Partially because it reminds me of how small I am in this expanding infinite universe.

Partially because I wonder what I have allowed to drift in front of me: what/who I have aligned with… that has blocked me and/or made me radiate in ways I never imagined.

It’s all valid… and together these pieces equal my personal totality.

Sacred geometry living in me, around me…. through me.

Spiraling and twining infinitely.

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