Rooted and Emerging

Plants growing from soil-Plant progress isolated


I have sat in virtual, social media silence for nearly six months. My voice would occasionally rise but only to a whisper, never persistently.

Last year was tremendously expansive… and challenging.

So many changes…. so many opportunities seized.

With simplicity, I received everything that came my way.  Yet still, the abundance was too much.  I was running on fumes.  I got physically ill and still met my commitments.  But didn’t take anything else on.  I needed to recoil and regroup.  Redirect and re-evaluate.  A long dormant winter, but beneath the surface heavy duty work was happening.

I believe in the power of slow creative gestation.

Of course sometimes, when the stars align just so, a song or a project takes shape in what seems like an instant… but the truth is that the foundation has to be strong for that to truly happen.

And now, here I am with a nearly completed soundscape for Weaving the River… which will be premiered later this month at Freedom’s Frontier National Heritage Area’s Quindaro Symposium.

I am so honored to be able to tell this incredible story in a way that I have never explored before.  I have collected sounds and clips and woven them together to engage the listener in the beautiful story of an often misrepresented neighborhood.

Never trust exactly what you see, for beneath the surface magic is afoot.

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