Never Surrender

The events of this last week have left me spinning. I have been partially paralyzed by the happenings in my microcosm, but the macrocosm requires attention.

Over the summer I fed my daughters a steady diet of information about the Holocaust. Somewhere in my subconscious I knew that I needed to prepare them.  They need to know how sick our world is.  They need to know that one by one, drop by drop we can heal it.  That each of us can make a small contribution.  That we can stand up for what we believe.  That each of us makes a difference.  That it is imperative that we act boldly.  That we MUST raise our voices.  That only knowledge can banish ignorance.

The work that I create is fueled by social justice and awareness.

Arc of Joan deals with resistance and identity issues as well as mental health. I mean seriously, how many people who truly listen to their inner voices (whether originating divinely, naturally or, dare I say, both?) are considered insane or unstable? Those who don’t follow the flock, those who forge their own paths are often initially disregarded and vilified. Those who boldly go into the unknown know what is on the other side of fear… everything.

Both Weaving the River and Redlined are informed by government issued and PERPETUATED racism.  Racism that affects neighborhoods.  Racism that affects health.  Racism that affects the very fabric of our society.

We must use the tools that we have to make the change that we want to see in this world.We must stand up.  We must be heard.

Silence = Death

(originally written 8.18.17)

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