Much Ado… About EVERYTHING

Non-stop round these parts. Non-stop.  Just when it seems that there is a moment to take a, well, moment, something else pops up.


For example, last week on a rare, un-booked afternoon, I took the little women to the lake for a swim.  And lo and behold a phone call from KCUR, one of KC’s local public radio stations called me to do a pre-screening for an on-air interview.  Well the 15 minute call turned into about 45 minutes, apparently I have a lot to say about the subject of tomorrow’s interview: Wonder Woman.

Tune into KCUR 89.3 at 1oam 0n 6/20 to hear more about it…


PS… if you look carefully you may be able to see my invisible jet in them there skies 🙂

No more leaky holes in your brain, and no false starts

There’s always so much to do.

Always so much to communicate.

I’m currently in hyper drive.

I awakened to myself and suddenly everything started happening at once.

Motherhood is always a priority, but part of being a good mother and a good leader for my young women is to continue to expand my voice and my visions into the universe.

I am alive.

I was dead inside

for years.

And now, in this overbooked, over stretched  version of my world, the truth of me seeps out through the lengthened muscles, once atrophied, now flexible, stronger with each movement.

Tonight, I proudly stand up in front of my Artist Inc peers, and community to present a project that I am so proud of.  I am overwhelmed with love for the team that so organically emerged in my life.  We are so much stronger together.