It’s not the destination…

We all have choices in life.

We can fight for what we know to be inherently true or we can easily slide into a stupor of acceptance.  Sometimes we are driven to accept what others believe to be the best for us.  But nobody knows your truth like YOU know your truth.

For years I emotionally, physically and mentally wasted away.  I drank the kool-aid.  I did what others thought I should do.  Partially from fatigue.  Partially because I was spoon fed that it was the right thing to do.   But deep down inside I knew that I was living a lie.  I knew that the lifestyle that I had chosen wasn’t really who I was.  I tried to squeeze into the false idol of the American dream.  I nestled in the false safety net of “things”.  I swallowed another corporate coffee so I could continue to drown out the weakening lilt of my inner voice.

My inner creator manifested in small ways like crafty gifts for teachers or an occasionally knit scarf.

That may have been enough.  That may have sufficed.  But the creative furnace in the core of this sentient carbon based life form burns with an energy that can not be quelled by rote creative activities.  This energy pushes out from it’s source and myriad manifestations.

Sit back and watch out for what comes next…

(originally written 8.1.17)

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