Fever Pitch

Slowly, it approaches.  The intensity builds and builds until you find yourself here… in it.

And when you arrive “in it”, “it” never is quite what you expected it to be.

Adapt or die has been my battle cry.  A rug gets pulled out from beneath your feet?  Figure out how to land… somewhere else.

There have been more than a handful of occasions lately where a former version of myself would have shrunk back, gone into my cave to lick my wounds and reappear sometime in the undetermined future a little less shiny, a little weaker than before.

Shrinking back is no longer an option.  This is a time to expand.  This is a time to push the limits, get in a little too deep.  This is a time to ADAPT.

These emotional battle scars all serve a purpose.  They embolden me by their presence.  They  remind me that I endured, I survived.  I am able to grow and flourish from the marks left behind.  They remind me that the past is a root to grow from.  That the present fertilizes these roots.  That the future is completely connected to the equation that I derive from these two elements.  And what do I choose to do? Flounder or flourish.  There really is only one option.

I am so completely blessed to be OVERWHELMED by all of the amazing projects that are coming down the pike.  First off is Arc of Joan at KC Fringe… it is getting so close.  I’m in one of those maddening spaces where decision upon decision relies solely on me and I’m questioning myself.  But I’m also in the space where I’m starting to let go and allow this performance to manifest in whatever way it does based on the beautiful and talented people who have given of themselves so graciously and gracefully.  I honestly wouldn’t have made it this far without Athena Horton, Dexter Melton and my sister on the stage,  Kaelyn Alese Whitt.   These amazing humans have been the voices of strength, clarity and ingenuity.  I am eternally grateful for their generous spirits and loving contributions.

The strength of this little community makes me braver, makes me bolder.

Stay tuned  for more information/transformation.

Embrace the chaos.  This is one helluva ride.



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