Jen Appell

Jen currently performs solo and previously with the duo Not Sisters.

Jen hosts and curates The Uptown Sirens Collective at Davey’s Uptown Rambler’s Club. The Uptown Sirens Collective features acts fronted and driven by women who write and perform original music. The Uptown Sirens Collective is currently on hiatus with performances resuming in September.  The Uptown Sirens Collective occurs on the 2nd Thursday of every month at 3402 Main Street in Kansas City.

Jen is collaborating with her original creative compatriots in the 2017 revival of Joan the Maid… a rock musical based on the life of Joan of Arc.

Jen is project manager and co-collaborator for Redlined, a creative interpretation of the HEAT report for Community Health Council of Wyandotte County.

While working on Redlined, Jen discovered the rich history of the Quindaro neighborhood in Wyandotte County, KS.  Jen is currently working with Justin Border, Meghan Rowswell and Jillian Youngbird on Weaving the River, an immersive art installation that sheds light on the often untold story of this fascinating community.


Artist Statement

Some moments demand to be reckoned with. This is why I make music.

Classical piano training, musical theatre and Yiddish folk songs are the roots from which I grow. My sensibility for movements within pieces, vocal expression and chord progression stem from these roots.

I write. I compose. I perform. I collaborate.

I am a beautiful mess of a guitar player.

I sing with mad abandon.

I create in the space where heartbreak and “go fuck yourself” coexist with wit and whimsy.

I create in the space where humor and tragedy skate a teetering, uncomfortable line.

Every song is a flash encased in amber.

Every song is a mantra.

Every song is a lesson I continue to learn.

Every syllable has meaning.

Every note resonates viscerally.